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Learn to Play the Coolest Game on Earth.

Learn To Play Hockey
Boys & Girls Ages 4-10

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Sharpen your skills during the ice hockey sessions at Kent Valley Ice Centre.  Located in Kent, Washington, our facility offers adult, open, and kid sessions for new and experienced players alike, giving you a safe environment to learn the game, practice your moves, and improve your abilities.

Accelerated Training Day Camp 2017 Summer Hockey School

Summer Training Program   (June 19th - Aug. 18th)   Monday - Wednesday - Friday

Hockey Development -
Great for all ages: Mite to Midget.  In 8 short weeks, this program offers as much or more practice time as a normal winter season!!  It also provides a variety of activities that make it a summer of fun for all ages from Mite to Midget.  New for 2017, an additional 1.5 hours of ice each week. (See schedule below.)

Today’s athletes are more skilled than ever before.  The Accelerated Training Day Camp Program provides the players with the ice time necessary to improve their hockey skills: 3 hours each day.  Along with the on-ice drills, the off-ice program incorporates a series of dry land exercises: off-ice stickhandling to develop eye hand co-ordination to improve puck and passing skills and soccer to develop agility and conditioning.  In addition, the day campers have time to just play and have fun around the facility playing air hockey, pool, mini-golf, tag, batting in the cages and playing street hockey.  The 9 hour day camp has it all (for less than $6.00/hour).

$  54.00 daily drop-in
$145.80 per week (10% discount)  (3 consecutive days / 10.5 hours per week)
$648.00 for 5 weeks or 15 days  (any 15 days / 20% discount)
$907.20 for all summer (30% discount) (8 weeks - 24 days - 92 hours - $9.86/hour of ice)

June  19, 21, 23 / 26, 28, 30 
July  3, 5, 7 / 10, 12, 14 / (17, 19, 21)* / 24, 26, 28 
July/Aug.  31, 2, 4 / 7, 9, 11 / 14, 16, 18
(* Pro Ambitions Hockey School)

To register, click here to print the registration form and either fax, email or bring it to the rink.
Fax #  (253) 852-2932     Email:


Monday Day Camp:  (3.00 hrs on-ice)
8:00-8:30   Drop Off                 
8:30-9:30   Off-Ice
10:00-11:30  On-Ice Skills      
11:45-12:15 Lunch / Video
12:15-1:00   Games / Play Time 
1:30-3:30  On Ice Skills            
3:45-4:30  Off-Ice                         
4:30-5:00  Games / Pick-up

Wednesday Day Camp:  (3.00 hrs on-ice)  8:00-8:30   Drop Off                  

8:30-9:30   Off-Ice
10:00-11:30  On-Ice Skills      
11:45- 12:15  Lunch / Video
12:15-1:00   Games / Play Time 
1:30- 3:00  On Ice Skills         
3:15-3:45   Skating
4:00-4:45   Off-Ice                  
4:45-5:00   Video / Pick-up

Friday Day Camp:  (3.00 hrs on-ice)
8:00-8:30      Drop off              
8:30-9:30      Off Ice
10:00- 11:30   On Ice               
11:45- 12:15   Lunch
12:15-1:00      Video / Play Time 
1:30- 3:30      On Ice                
3:45- 4:30      Off-Ice
4:30-5:00      Video / Pick-up


Hockey Player On Ice

Stick & Puck Sessions

Whether you are a seasoned player looking for a competitive team or a new player wanting to learn the sport, we invite you to grab your stick and join us on the ice.  Our stick and puck sessions cost just $11.87 per person and are open to players of all ages and abilities.  We even offer free admission for goalies during our adult sessions.

Private Lessons
For Power Skating and Hockey Private Lessons, click here.

Stick & Puck schedule is subject to change.  Please check back frequently for updated calendars.

Session Types

• Adult Sessions - Age 16 & over - Helmet Required for All Ages - Full Equipment if under 18
• Open Sessions - All Ages - Full Equipment Required if under 18
• Kids Sessions - 17 & under - Full Equipment Required

Adult Hockey League

Put your skills to the test in our recreational co-ed league.  Kent Valley Ice Centre is happy to host Greater Seattle Hockey League, Seattle's largest recreational adult hockey league.  The league has games for all ages and abilities, so you can play as casually or as competitively as you like.  For more information, please reach out to Andy Cole at (206) 255-6739 or

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